Sunday, July 21, 2013

Meeting Art Wolfe in Vegas

I met Art in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago at the Natural Wonders Gallery. There are needless to say a lot of excellent images hanging on the walls there.
Art is a fantastic speaker with a marvelous sense of humour. It was interesting to hear a few stories on the people he has photographed.
I picked up a copy of his latest book "The New Art  of Photographing Nature." This is a wonderful book for any photographer! There are a lot of good creative ideals in it. Especially useful to me were the topics on shitter speed. See page 152 when you get the book. Interestingly enough a fellow attendee purchased that print in a medium size.  Paul (AKA me) really liked that lion print too. It will look marvelous wherever you decide to put it.. ISBN 978 0 7704 3315 4

Special thanks to Maria of the gallery for getting me into the full meet and greet for Art.

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