Sunday, September 22, 2013

Tiffany Falls Ancaster Ontario-Dweller on the Threshold image

It was an overcast day. The rains the rains the previous day had left the rivers flush with water. This day I had an objective in mind for my few hours of unsupervised time. Tiffany falls is not far from the homestead and I wanted to do some moving water images using the yet untried variable neutral density filter (Daisee ND Pro DMC slim.) After looking about, this was my first composition and I still think its the best. I took my time visualizing the image before starting.
The equipment used was a vintage Canon 5D, 24mm TS, tripod, cable release, L bracket etc.

Exposure was 25 seconds at F16, and ISO 50. The tilt and shift lens has a lot of depth of field at F16 without too much diffraction. There was some lens shift used in this image.

I tried exposures from seconds to 10 minutes.
The variable ND was very useful with its ability to dial in exposure. You can easily dial in 30 seconds. This is the maximum with the built in shutter. A timer application on the phone was used for measuring the longer exposures. I did not find exposures over 30 seconds that interesting for this subject. There was some wind in the valley and really long exposures had too much tree movement for my liking.

The threshold could be impending fall season, the angel like falls, the dreamy water scene or...

Dweller on the Threshold

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