Saturday, May 10, 2014

Metabones Canon fd to M4/3 issues.

I got a new Metabones adapter this week. It looks promising, however tht tripod foot contacts my Omd E-m1 body and has ground the corner finish off the bottom of the lens mount housing.
Also, the device is not adjusted for infinity on a perfect condition fd 35mm F2. I can adjust the body focus following instructions on their website.
Metabones has been contacted for a solution.
Update: the focus adjustment required about a 3/4 counter clockwise turn. Metabones is sending out a replacement tripod foot. If its not any different form the current one I can at least dremel one of them down or shim it out. According to Metabones they only make one size of tripod foot so lets hope its a quality issue. Still this adapter has marked up my camera body....

Metabones shipped a new foot and it has the same issue of rubbing against the camera. I guess they have never actually mounted the adapter and foot on an omd-1. This is disappointing. On to plan B.

Update Plan B:
A while with a Dremel tool grinding off the raised back part of the foot corrects the problem. Painting with non glossy black paint finishes the job. I hope Metabones fixes this for future Omd 1 users.


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