Saturday, December 17, 2022

Print finishing

 Print Finishing Preparation

So I have decided on using self adhesive foam core by Bainbridge. This comes in 40 by 60 inch sheets from my local supplier (Burlington Camera.)

To cut the sheet into three 20 inch strips I have come up with using the table saw. I needed a 84 tooth 10 inch blade that would cut plastics etc. Got this from Home Depot. I also will use this blade for plexiglass cutting for other projects.

After setting the sliding guide on the table saw I can rip the sheets really quick and easy into three 20 inch sections (20 by 40.)

This saves me from getting a larger finishing table, which I have no room for.

How sweet is this if you have a table saw already in the shop!

I am also using bags by Crystal Clear Canada to protect my prints once mounted. 

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