Tuesday, February 28, 2023

OM System RM-WR1 remote

Here is the remote for the OM-1. It's Bluetooth and a quick and easy configuration. I could do it lol.
There is also a cable connection if needed.
The cable is of high quality. I've noticed that the wired remote also works with the Canon R series cameras. It does not have to be turned on to use via cable. The unit did not work with a Bluetooth connection to the R7.
The custom remote allows me to reconfigure the record button on the camera to another item such as focus stacking.
Pricey but pleased!

Monday, February 27, 2023

A great monopod. Benro Subradupra MSDPL46C

Best monopod ever. It can support a big white lens. Has a built in sturdy head. 
There is also a quick adjustment section for those final height settings. Carbon fiber of course. Twist locks in regular leg sections. 
I've been using this piece of kit for a while now without any issues. It really performs well in all situations.
It will also take a small set of legs I got from eBay (also pictured.)

What's not to like?

The end.

Rode videomic mic shock support repair

The rubber shock mounts on my old Rode microphone were deteriorated. 
I found some silicon o-rings in a kit on Amazon to replace the custom Rode ones.
They work great and are silicone to last longer.

Saturday, February 18, 2023

The OM System 90mm macro arrived

This lens has shown up in time for my next trip to Costa Rica. Woohoo. 
Now to put it to the test.